Save Time & Money

Hundreds to thousands of dollars per year are spent on expensive device insurance plans with monthly fees followed by deductibles. Alternatively – Repairing these devices can save time and money.


Premium Services

We offer our business clients exclusive services which are not available to the general public. Appointment setting, pick up/drop off (to business location) , expedited repairs and more…


Exclusive Discounts

We will offer discounted pricing to all company employees and family members.

By partnering with us as your preferred repair center we will provide you and your employees the fastest turn around and lowest prices on repairs. With so many repair shops and even individuals repairing iPhones and other devices from home, we know choosing the right place isn’t easy. We encourage you to explore all your options for your specific needs. Take a look at customer reviews. Call around and talk to different repair shops and really get a feel for where you want to repair your devices. Give us a call and set an appointment to meet with us at our repair facilities and see our work in action! What makes us different is we don’t limit you to one type of repair, we prefer to give you options. From new to refurbished screens, used grade A to grade C screens, new or secondhand phones; we let you decide. That’s right, you can have your cake and eat some too.
Never again will you lose valuable data such as pictures, texts and phone numbers as you do when you turn in your device to your insurance company. When we repair your devices all your data is preserved – no need to back up and restore your device!
Highest quality parts in the industry. We use the strongest glass and highest quality parts in all our repairs – no cutting corners – ever!

Why Choose Us

  • Over 8 years in business in Sonoma County.
  • Most trusted and experienced technicians in the industry.
  • Highest rated repair shop north of the Golden Gate.
  • Fast turn around – most repairs completed in under one hour.
  • We are the ONLY COMPANY in the area that can remanufacture your original lcd in house!

Our Happy Clients