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IPhone Diagnosis


IF the iPhone is not repairable, you will be entitled to one of the following options:
1. We will ship the unrepaired iPhone back to you.
2. We will offer you a buy out purchase price between $25 – $300 for the broken iPhone to be used for parts.

Our technicians specialize in water damage repair. They will certainly attempt their very best in reviving the phone and have had a very high success rate in doing so.

This repair include the following bonuses:
Special Bonus 1: My iPhone Repair will email you a prepaid shipping label depending on the method you choose – Fedex or Priority Mail – to ship your iPhone 3G or 3GS to our California iPhone repair facility. Once the iPhone repair is complete – we will send it home. Shipping extends to the Continental U.S, Alaska and Hawaii ONLY)- A $10 Value
Special Bonus 2: FREE UNLOCKING OF YOUR iPHONE – Who says you can only use your iPhone on AT&T? Once your iPhone is unlocked you can use it on any GSM network, including T-Mobile, all over the world – A $47 Value
Special Bonus 3: FREE JAILBREAKING OF YOUR iPHONE – Don’t you want access to all of these great apps that Apple REFUSES to allow on the App Store? You’ll also be able to change the entire look and feel of your iPhone’s backgrounds, icons, etc… – A $47 Value
Special Bonus 4: IF WE CANT FIX IT – WE WILL BUY IT! If your phone is unrepairable we will ship your iPhone back to you!! AND/OR we will offer you a price to buy the iPhone from you for parts!- Priceless!




iPhone water damage repair diagnosis.
Whats your issue?
* Went for a dip in the pool with your iPhone?
* Dropped your iPhone 4 in the sink?
* Perhaps you spilled a cup of juice on it?
* What ever the story is, we’ve heard and seen it all!
* (Logic board replacement not covered under flat rate – if necessary)

Water damage is an unfortunate event that occurs to our iPhones but is reversible in mose cases!
Your phone will be treated in a state of the art – ultrasonic cleaner – to remove erosion and rust.
You can read about this technology HERE

After this process is complete we will test the motherboard, LCD, touchscreen, battery, etc..
If we determine the iPhone to be repairable then the repair will fall under our Flat Rate Pricing Terms!
No need to wait for a shocking repair quote! $67 for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. And up to $147 for the iPhone 4!
(Diagnostic fees will be deducted from your total cost!)

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