My iPhone Repair is the ONLY CELL PHONE REPAIR SHOP in Santa Rosa that can remanufacture your original lcd on the spot!

Unlike our competitors – we do not replace your screen with an aftermarket one – Instead we remanufacture your screen on the spot and only replace the top glass of your original screen by laminating it with the same optically clear adhesive used in original manufacturing!

Making us the Most Trusted & Experienced Cell Phone Repair Shop.

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What Makes Us Different: LCD REMANUFACTURING

My iPhone Repair of Santa Rosa and Windsor plays a huge role in supporting a green community. We are the ONLY cell phone repair company in the North Bay that remanufactures LCDs. We repair hundreds of phones every single month. Rather than dumping those broken LCDs in the trash to collect in our county landfills – we remanufacture broken LCDs! We have invested in very sophisticated equipment to remove broken glass off your original screens and laminate new glass using Optically Clear Adhesive just like in the factory. For our customers this means they are supporting a green business as well as getting their original Apple or Samsung LCD back in their phone!


Selling Your Gadget?

In addition to our phone repair services, we also purchase secondhand phones! If you are looking to buy the newest smartphone but low on cash? Name your price and sell your old phone! Have a used or broken phone for sale? Name your price and we will buy it! We buy every and any smartphone in the market! Whether your phone went for a swim or endured the wrath of your ex, we will buy it!

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We specialize in

We specialize in iPhone Repair as well as repairs for your broken iPod Touch and iPad. We are knowledgeable in iPhone 7 screen replacement, iPhone 6 screen replacement, iPhone 5S screen replacement and of course screen replacements for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G models. We fix iPhone screens, iPhone water damage, iPhone battery replacements and can troubleshoot any issue related to a broken iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Although we specialize in iPhone repair – we ALSO repair ALL other smartphones and tablets. Samsung Galaxy 2, Samsung Galaxy 3, Samsung Galaxy 4 repairs are all welcome! So if you have ever wondered if there is a ” phone repair near me ” then you have found the place! Give us a call for a quote for your phone screen repair, broken iphone screen, iPhone 5S screen replacement or android repair. You will always get a live iPhone repair technician on the phone during normal business hours.

At My iPhone Repair in Santa Rosa and Windsor, we also repair the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6. We have been repairing Samsung cell phones since they first became popular and we have the most experience in replacing/repairing Samsung Galaxy broken glass screens. We are the most reliable cell phone repair company in Santa Rosa. We also repair Samsung Galaxy phones at our Rohnert Park cell phone repair locations. Call My iPhone Repair today and we will fix your Samsung Galaxy cell phone today. We are currently also repairing the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Note 4 at all of our cell phone repair locations.

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We Repair ALL devices!

My iPhone Repair of Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park- Although our specialty is iPhone Repair – our services don’t stop there! We repair Samsung Galaxys, LG phones, HTC phones, tablets, laptops, computers, playstation, xbox consoles, board level microsoldering repairs and much more!

Below are a few of the services we provide IN HOUSE at our Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Repair Center.

  • iPhone 6 Glass Screen Repair

  • iPhone 6 LCD Replacement

  • iPhone 6 Audio Jack Repair

  • iPhone 6 Bent Housing Replacement

  • iPhone 6 Charging Port Repair

  • iPhone 6 Speaker Repair

  • iPhone 6 Proximity Sensor Repair

  • iPhone 6 Water Damage Repair

  • iPhone 6 Data Recovery.

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Glass Repair

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 LCD Replacement

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Charging Port Repair

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Replacement

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Glass Repair

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 LCD Replacement

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Charging Port Repair

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Screen Repair

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Repair

  • LG G2 Screen Repair

  • LG G3 Screen Repair

  • Samsung Galaxy Mega Repair

  • Computer Hard Drive Replacement

  • Laptop LCD Repair

  • Virus Removal

  • Hard Drive Replacement

  • Contact List Retrieval

  • Lost Data Retrieval

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Repair Options: Decision, Decisions, Decisions

With so many repair shops and even individuals repairing iPhones and other devices from home, we know choosing the right place isn’t easy. We encourage you to explore all your options for your specific repair. Take a look at customer reviews. Call around and talk to different repair shops and really get a feel for where you want to repair your device. What makes us different is we don’t limit you to one type of repair, we prefer to give you options. From new to refurbished screens, used grade A to grade C screens, new or secondhand phones; we let you decide. That’s right, you can have your cake and eat some too.

Customer Reviews: We Love our customers, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to our customers. When you choose My iPhone Repair, there is no need to worry about customer support. With over 5000 repairs to date and counting, you cannot go wrong with My iPhone Repair Santa Rosa and Windsor. Check out what our customers are saying about us!

Yes it was WooHoo as good as it gets !!!

“Made my day to have my phone fixed so quickly! Owner was very professional and service was beyond expectation. It is great to have such a business locally.Besides fixing phones there is also an amazing array of phone covers.

Located in the In downtown Petaluma in the historic Mill, Windsor Town Green, Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park – it is worth stopping in to shop or if your phone needs fixed this is the place to go!” -Lisa K.

Great guys. Honest!

My son’s iPhone was having charging issues that appeared to be the connector. Brought it in expecting fast and reasonable priced repair based on reviews. I told them the problem and the guy said “Let’s take a look. Often it’s lint in the connector.” where he pulls out some small tweezers and proceeds to pull out lint from the connector. Fixed in two minutes! As a bonus no charge!!! Very impressive they did not take me for a ride. I will definitely be back when I have something really broken.

Honest guys deserve the business so give them some.

Les K., Yelp Review
Great knowledgable staff that fixed my phone at a reasonable price. Friendly too. Highly recommend.
Paul M., Yelp Review
My husband has an HTC One and his phone would no longer charge as the plug would not go into the port. Kevin looked at his device and fixed the port issue within minutes! His phone is now working and takes charge with no issues.

Highly recommend this place!

Always great service as my sister had her cracked iPhone 5s screen fixed here as well!

Letty L., Yelp Review
These guys have fixed my phone twice now! Reasonable prices, they are honest and my phone is ready in just a few hours. Thanks guys!
Taylor C., Yelp Review
I don’t believe in putting cases on my iPhones, which is why I break so many screens. “Tsunami Rami” has fixed five cracked iphone screens for me over the last few years.

He repaired another smashed screen for me last week. It was done in less than 30 minutes and the phone looks like new. These guys are the best of the best!

Tony D., Yelp Review

My iPhone Repair Santa Rosa – Windsor – Rohnert Park – Petaluma.

You Name It, We Repair It.

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