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IPhone 11 OLED Refurbished Screen Replacement


We have three locations in the North Bay serving you since 2008 :

Santa Rosa (west) – 1791 Marlow Road, Santa Rosa CA 95401

Santa Rosa (east) – 2700 Yulupa Avenue, Santa Rosa CA 95404

Rohnert Park      – 180 Raleys Town Center, Rohnert Park CA 94928



Broken iPhone 11 Screen? This Refurbished OLED panel will give you the best picture quality possible!

Are you seeing vertical or horizontal lines on your iPhone 11?

Are there black spots on the iPhone 11?

Has the iPhone 11touch sensor failed?

If you are having any of the above problems with your iPhone 11 then there’s no need to worry! Your iPhone 11 should still be repairable!

These are common signs of damage to your iPhone 11 LCD and a simple replacement will fix the problem and keep all your data in tact!


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