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iPhone XS Screen Repair

$230.00 $210.00

Dropped your iPhone XS?

Damaged your LCD ? – We can fix it!
Is it bleeding or has grey/colored lines? Or maybe the touchscreen stopped working?

Maybe your screen doesn’t display any picture? – don’t worry – your data isn’t lost and YES your phone is still repairable. Bring it in to our repair shop in Santa Rosa and we will have it fixed the same day!




Broken iPhone XS Screen?

Are you seeing vertical or horizontal lines on your iPhone XS?

Are there black spots on the iPhone XS screen?

Has the iPhone XS touch sensor failed?

If you are having any of the above problems with your iPhone XS then there’s no need to worry! Your iPhone XS should still be repairable!

These are common signs of damage to your iPhone XS LCD and a simple replacement will fix the problem and keep all your data in tact!